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    Quote Originally Posted by njhussey View Post
    Linda, I don't think your quote would be very competitive once you factor in the carriage to get it from China to here...................
    Ok.neil.What quantity do you want,let us check.

    You plan buy from your local place?


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    *biting tongue* hi Linda it was me that was looking for the rings. I only wanted 2.

    Enjoy your day

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    1. The problem is that I presume this is a 1 or 2 off, even if it was more than that you still would not be competitive unless he wanted a container load.
    2. You seem to be "fishing" for work, this does not go down too well on the forum. By all means advertise your company and provide a link to it with a description of what services you can offer, but DON'T keep replying to peoples adverts saying "we can do this send me the details" as it just gets peoples backs up.

    I must have my "customer service" hat on today as these replies have been remarkably polite...


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    Defiantly a mod in the making haha

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    Ok.Thanks neil.Thanks for your teach me.1,you are right.Maybe you would consider the quantity and cost. 2.I am new in this forum.Donot know what i should write is better.Thank you!

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    hehe.i make mistake.Yeah,it is you looking for the rings.

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    Perhaps she is looking for a husband

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