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    Hi guy,

    I am interested if anyone would be will to quote my project. I require someone with a 3-axis CNC router who can mill.

    The project -

    I want to make a logarithmic spiral, (like a snail), from Boltic Birch Plywood - 40mm thickness. I have worked out and completed the design. It consists of 102 sections which are hollow cylinders with an angled top. Each section has a different diameter ranging from 48.5mm to 238mm. The heights range from 13mm to 38mm and the angles ranging from 5 degrees to 15 degrees.

    The design is completed, the disks have been nested for a ply sized 1200*2500. The file is an .STL ready for CNC routing.

    A vacuum table or clamping shouldn't be required. I have designed the cut-outs to have a top and bottom tab, so that the disk remain attached to the board when routing.

    Please see images.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Random sample cross sections.jpg 
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Name:	CNC nesting.jpg 
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    Hi Guy's, I'm still interested in getting my projected quoted. If you price is a fair and can be justified I would be grateful.

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    hi have you got programme for it?

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    Sorry, I am not sure if I understand you question. The design has been on solid works and the .STL files are ready to upload.

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