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    Hi everyone,
    Started in a job shop about 20 years on manual stuff and went back to college to do CNC, do a mix now of manual and CNC, either generating code from CAD/CAM or writing it freehand with Macros. Did a lot of jobs for my friends in the past on the home machine but stopped when the kids were very small. Going to get back into it again though, it will be good for the young fella to learn a bit. I'm looking at compound steam engines from scratch / bar stock that the two of us can work on. It's a good skill for him for the future. He'll be fairly handy at deburring though before he ever gets near the green button.

    Nice to meet you all and hope that I can help with any machining questions. If anyone ever needs something made, feel free to PM me. I charge pretty good man in a shed prices for stuff.



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    Hi corkcnc,
    Welcome .
    See my re. to my last post and hope you can help us out sometime.


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