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    The machine that I run the CNC process (from design to realisation) has a very lean version of XP Pro. I have taken out as many Windows components as I can, Networking being the main one. Without networking I don't need Antivirus. I also don't get interruptions and a cold boot takes 35 seconds and a shut down takes 7 (I have a SSD) because I don't have Microdaft and Java and Uncle Tom Cobbley checking for updates I don't want. The system is stable, I want it to stay that way.

    I am loath to connect this machine to the internet just to load a demo of a program I may later reject, anyway the program has to run on the machine eventually, so it is a waste of my time even looking at it on another computer.

    And one final comment - Search for DesignCad on Amazon and note the price.

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    It is the difference between making a sale to a person and not making a sale.

    For a piece of software a publisher has to decide on what makes an offer attractive enough so that sales volume recoups development costs and then turns into profit. Make it so poor that punters say 'stuff you' then you can consider yourself stuffed.

    You have little to lose by allowing a licence term that allows installation on a PC and a laptop as most people would just do it anyway, and those that wouldn't on principle, would look around for something else before making a decision.

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    [QUOTE=Magic;50742]Hi Irving,

    I believe that it's a question of pricing policy, and I think that IMSI/Design and Magic Systems have every right to have their own.


    And every potential customer has a right to walk away !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic View Post
    Hi Jazz,

    Well right now I feel very much ganged up upon by the old hands of this forum, so what do I do?
    Oh you poor victim here have a cuddle..

    Seriously now your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS are TELLING YOU #### WHY#### or WHAT is STOPPING them from buying your software. It's not rocket science from here to come up with the correct policy that allows users to have the experience or product they need.

    Cropwell is very typical of CNC users who have multiple machines with one not being connected to internet for stated reasons who drop back n forth between each. They are rightly grieved or loathed to buy 2 licenses when they are the sole user of the software.

    The feedback from these forums is priceless information in skilled hands and you'll find much better reception and willingness to help or spread the word with a more listening approach than unbending arrogant approach.
    We "OLD HANDS" don't gang up or Pick on anyone unless we have good reason and John S gave good cause and you gave BAD ATTITUDE even then we weren't Ganging up just giving the reasons why we think your MONEY GRABBING Policy is RUBBISH.

    REMEMBER your pushing your stuff on PUBLIC FORUM and when the results good you'll get all the whistles and praise your seeking but you'll also equally get GREAT BIG load of Booing and jeering when it's not.
    The skilled ones take the realistic Boo's and turn them into cheers and chalk the unrealistic ones down to Dick heads you'll never make happy. . . . There's very few real Dick heads around here.!!

    It's your choice to either provide a solution to keep or attract customers just like it's there choice to give your software the Finger and click on a competitors offerings.!

    Edit: Just to highlight how much power the "Word of mouth" affect makes.!
    There's a very helpful fellow in China by the name Of Chai who sells CNC components and over 6yrs I personally know to 300-400 sales made directly from me, just one single person, recommending him. That doesn't include my purchases nor does it include the guys promoting him on this Forum, and the reason they and I do it is because he's fair and helpful. Imagine what business he gets from many like me.!!!
    Now on the same Note I get asked Many many times about Cam and Cad software and every CNC machine needs both to work just like the Components it's built from so there's no reason for this same Word of mouth affect not to work.? . . . . BUT in reality it doesn't WHY.???

    BECAUSE (most) SOFTWARE COMPANY'S ARE GREEDY. . . . . . I'm restricted to just a few I can recommend.!! . . . .Yours WONT be one.!!
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    I won't be using this software but was wondering if it's possible to install it on a USB external drive that can be moved from one computer to another ?. I used to have a PC with different operating systems on various external drives, these were set as the boot drives so I just had to plug one in and restart.

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    I think Mr Magic needs to listen to potential customers?

    Microsoft are learning the hard way with their loosing battle in the mobile computing stakes for being too short sighted. Apple for example allows you to reload it's software on many devices and remembers 'you' from your account not certificates. Android the same as Apple for most software in the main.

    It would have been simpler to have said thank you for the suggestion and say you will go away and look at it. Trying to defend on here is suicide especially when this forum probably covers the majority of your potential market.


    I find CAMBAM offer this service (i know not 3D), they listen to their users and are very friendly :-)
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    All I was trying to do was get some idea what DesignCad and ContourCam would do.

    A 3D CAD/CAM for 130 quid seemed worth a punt. It will probably do all I want, but I want to check it out, but I can NOT port it across to my machine because of measures put in for piracy protection. Fair enough for AutoCAD or SolidWorks or something costing gazillions that your company has paid through the nose for, but I don't want that. I haven't got enough interest in life left to invest in learning something complicated. I want quick and dirty solutions, but cheaply !

    I also want Software on a CD, not a download that disappears when the hard drive fails, with a manual I can take with me on a plane, train or toilet. I like books I can flick through, make pencil notes in, put placemarks in, not pdf-s on the same machine that I am using to cut a Perspex cock and balls.

    Good Grief

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    Just in case Mr magic can't open your dxf file in his single license program here's a video.

    John S -

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    You must have a couple of Prince Albert's in there

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    If you were taking offense from my reply please don't, it was not aimed at you at all. i do feel for you though and understand the issues your facing.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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