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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I'll make some general points which I think should answer the questions - do let me know if I've missed anything.
    Thank you Jonathan to clear this dark spot in my knowledge.
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    Some updates. I a bit ashamed it goes so slow but in between other work, orders of stuff i do and working alone on the machine, it takes too long.

    This is what you are up to, if you don't have straight edge. 3m rail. you move it left right from one end and from the center onward it stays in place. Not so bendy when short lengths but look at that...

    A very lazy helper

    This is what the empty epoxy bottles weight, in case you wonder or you loose power when measuring:

    The key to epoxy leveling the gantry rails, squaring the gantry and other was to leave the plates that mount on the gantry bearings/the leg sides/ longer 10mm at the back side. Z plate was mounted, ball screw and then rails were squared, just to make sure all would fit.

    I was impatient here, so i did all this alone. Moving the gantry up and down i mean. Starting to feel that i am training heavy lifting. Then gantry was mounted and squared again. gantry rails were checked for squareness against the long rails. Success.

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    My "favorite" part - painting.
    It took one day to clean the machine. One day to paint it 3 colors using what i had of paints meant directly over steel or oxide. A day to dry/it was cold. One day for second hand of these-white, silver and black. White looked best. One day to dry and then started the real paint.

    Violet metallic, who would have guessed what color i would choose. Why that color? It needed to be different cause the machine deserves it /money, effort, result/. So i looked and i looked... And by the way i have got new Oakley Violet Iridium sun glasses a week before . So i decided i would look cool beside it and chose the color to be the same. Crazy, yeah?

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  5. Ha ha! Like it.

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    Outstanding job Boyan, it won't be long now.
    What model are your shades ? i was thinking of treating myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekanik View Post
    Outstanding job Boyan, it won't be long now.
    What model are your shades ? i was thinking of treating myself.

    Oakley Style Switch, standard fit, clear frame,Violet Iridium/+spare black iridium/ OO9194-03. Possibly the only present i made to myself at least like from half an year ago. All else went in the machine or paying bills
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    Looking good Boyan, the machine that is

    I treated myself to some Oakleys a couple of years ago, Crossfire II's for everyday use and for flying my RC planes and Helis a pair of Half Jacket 2.0 with G30 IRIDIUM lenses...


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    Whose a pretty boy then. I think you need the shades to shield from the glare off that machine!!! Looking great, as your work usually does. G.

  10. How have you aligned the y axis rails? Apologies if this is explained elsewhere and I've missed it..?

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