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    Hi all

    I run a HOBBYMAT BFE65 vertical milling machine c.1984. I am looking to fit anti backlash nuts, but i seem to have hit a problem, Does anyone in CNC land know exactly what the Lead-screws are? i have measured them at 14 mm outside diameter, single start with a 2 mm pitch per single evolution, the problem is i am having difficulty finding out if they are ACME, METRIC or TRAPEZOIDAL, and i can only find 3 mm pitch on the internet (TR14 3)

    Any help on this subject would be very helpful.



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    Ray did you ever get an answer to this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    Ray did you ever get an answer to this?


    No i did not.


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    If the pitch is metric the leadscrew is Trapazoidal(Trapazoidal is the metric version of Acme)
    Not all the pitches are show on the charts i had a look @. I was looking for data for turning an M8 x 2 leadscrew and couldn't find it,fortunatelly i have a tap and will make the nut first and leadscrew to suit.
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    Many Thanks Mick.

    I have not fitted backlash nuts yet, but this info will be valuable for the future.



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    Hi Ray,
    Why not replacing the leadscrew all together with a known diameter / pitch?
    Trapezoidal screws are fairly cheap these days.


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    It's all well and good doing that but as a rule there's an indicator dial on the end of it so you need to make a new one. i am replacing a 1mm pitch screw so bought 2mm pitch tap so can go off half a division of dial. As it's for the topslide it only gets used for doing facing cuts and infeed when screw cutting. you could get a 4mm screw and do the same.

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