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    Comes complete with a shiny laser reflective overcoat...

    Hand-operated laser cutting for nuclear decommissioning - YouTube

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    Why ?
    Got to be very expensive and will only be able to do thin stuff, no castings etc
    Any reason why a plasma which is far cheaper and more powerful can't be used ?
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    The only reason I can think of is the laser doesn't need to be that close to what you're cutting compared to a plasma torch.

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    Bugger there goes another sale, I will never get rich at this rate

    I think you will find plasma requires a wire connection, a metal target and close proximity so as a general wrecking tool this does have an advantage...

    Concentrate on the toy value

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    I like how they put an LED on on the 'gun' to show that the laser is on, just in case you didn't notice.

    I think they've been watching too much star trek...
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    They should put sights on it so you can use it as a fly swatter.

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    Didn't think much of the wobbly lines they were cutting.....in the films they manage much better straight lines

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    It might take a lot of practice to get the depth of cut just right? How about a hand-held water-jet?!

    I wonder what it's range is - new sniper-gun?

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    To use the oft quoted phrase "Will it cut ali"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenson View Post
    I wonder what it's range is - new sniper-gun?
    The beam will diverge - how much determines the range as after a certain point the intensity will no longer be sufficient to have the desired effect.

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