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    Getting flats on my circular pocketing. All sizes of circle affected, more or less on the north quadrant as viewed from operator position. Running Mach3 on Seig X3.
    Seems like a software/setting problem? I seem to remember this coming up before. But can`t recall where.
    Any leads appreciated.

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    Got ballscrews fitted ?
    Flats on circles are normally mechanical, slack in nuts etc.
    You can compensate in mach under Backlash compensation but it's a cludge.
    For one it doesn't work correctly and secondly if there is free play, even compensated for, the cutter can grab and pull the work.
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    slack in nuts etc.
    John's the leading expert when it comes to "Slack Nuts".!!. . . . Viagra works better than backlash Comp Hey John. .

    Agree with him thou 99% sure it will be Sloppy nuts or loose couplings.!!

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    Check your software for overlap values or lead in lead out and also cutter comp activation points

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    Yup Jazz is right, that viagria isn't all it's cracked up to be.
    Gave mine to me grandad, stops him rolling out of bed at night
    John S -

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    Ah right! - To get good circles. You need to securely tighten the main casting to Y axis ball screw journal.
    My "nuts" are now secure in a steel thong, but now have the problem of walking a bit odd!
    Apologies to have wasted any ones time.

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    My father-in-law had Viagra to stop him pissing on his slippers.
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