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    Good Evening All,

    A new member here so go easy on me

    Myself and Ex-Engineer Dad are interested in purchasing a CNC Mill (Coverted Manual Mill etc). We have up to £2000 to spend so have looked at converting ourselves but ideally would like to purchase a pre-converted mill.

    We'll be milling mainly 4mm mild steel, I've attached an example item that we traditionally get laser cut but need the lead time a lot lower hence the purchase reason.

    Bracket 12mm.DXF

    So if you can assist or provide I thank you in advance.


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    Hello, I assume you looked on ebay or are you unsure what to buy ?, also there's a 'for sale' section on this forum if you missed it.

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    This is quite a nice one with some pedigree.

    Sieg X3 milling machine - converted to CNC | eBay
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    This is quite a nice one with some pedigree.

    Sieg X3 milling machine - converted to CNC | eBay
    Hey John,

    Thanks for this, its already on my watch list and I remember seeing a fellow member on this forum selling the item. Something like this would be ideal (depending on cost) for our needs.

    P.S I like your display picture, I have a packet next to me right now!


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