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    Ok, so in the ideal world you keep power wiring and logic/control wiring seperate, however the world is far from ideal.

    I'm currently fitting servos to my latest purchase to replace the original stepper motors, and routing things seperately would be quite involved. The original setup used steppers with wires running in beside the limit and home switch wiring, so what's the chances of routing the servo power cables along with everything else causing any problems?

    All the control wiring is 24V, and the encoders are differential. Other than the encoders, it's only the home switches that are connected to the controller. The limit switches are only part of the e-stop circuit.

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    Just keep things separated most you can and don't tie things together or try to stuff down cramped trunking and you shouldn't have any troubles.
    Obviously you'll need usual shielded cables and Star grounds etc which sure you'll have so I'd just get on with it and worry about it if/when happens.!

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    This might answer some questions ?


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