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    Quote Originally Posted by EddyCurrent View Post
    Yes you are correct, after the thread drops off the bottom it's gone but what is the answer ?
    Agreed there is no best answer but if it's there longer because there's many more entries then much more chance of it been seen.
    After that then it's on it's own and fair game folks will have to seek it out. But it will have had a fair chance to be seen and in the case of folks wanting help or advise they need it to be seen and prominent for fair period of time. . . .10 entries is just not enough when it gets busy.

    It doesn't affect those trawling for ideas and fair enough let them scroll down and browse the options. . . . But personally I'd like to see much larger Activity section at top for fast access to currant happenings and enable those that need advise or help to get it quickly.

    I think most would agree with me on this one it works well and the worst thing Lee did before was reduce it and now he's killed it completely it's spoilt the forum feel.!

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    As mentioned above, I also use tapatalk a lot. I'm an impatient bugger at best an when searching for answers I get bored and just google things.

    I agree with JAZZ people including myself mainly only use that feature, surly with this feature it helps eliminate duplicate posts also...

    Don't get me wrong lee I appreciate everything you have done here at MYCNCUK but isn't this a people forum... Therefore it should be put to a vote any changes made IMO.

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    Thanks Lee
    John S -

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    Thanks Lee...


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    It's gone again??????


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    Quote Originally Posted by njhussey View Post
    It's gone again??????
    What have I missed.!! . .What have I missed.???? . . . Was it the phantom latest threads.?

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    Yep....came and then bu**ered off again without so much as a "by your leave".....


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    Been away for the weekend but had a quick look in on my phone. Total pain to try to find anything. This is making the site worse off.

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    When I worked in IT, there was a vast amount of time paid to Change Control (plan it out, consult with the stakeholders, deploy, keep them informed of any related problems etc) ....alas, certainly not the same model here!

    IMHO, The top stats window at the top of the forum should never have been removed without at least consulting (asking!) the forum users of their view, but even so, once it was removed, there should at least be updates as to what the latest status is! (at the moment it's a 'Hokey Cokey' feature shake it all about)
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    Well we have had about 4 iterations today, even got the old page back at one point.
    I'm currently seeing the latest post as being by Lee in June but no word from the powers that be ?

    Not much else going on whist this cock is happening
    John S -

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