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    I want to make the CNC machine work. However, the version of Lathe software in PC is not suitable for the firmware version which is in the CNC machine. The version of software is 5.5 and the version of firmware is 3.02.49

    the Lab-Volt CNC Lathe 5500 B5 just have the port of 'serial port' and the operation system of the PC is windows 98.

    there are two solutions:

    1. upgrade firmware of CNC machine through transfer the firmware file by serial port.
    2. download the lower version (Level 4) software into the PC

    Does anyone who know how to transfer the file through serial port?
    Does anyone have the Level 4 software of Lab-Volt Lathe?

    Thank you


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    Have you contacted Lab volt about the options ?
    Like other equipment, it may be that the latest firmware is not compatible and you 'brick' the lathe making it unusable.

    It looks like the easiest is 2. download the lower version (Level 4) software into the PC
    But can you do this ?

    Looking at option 1.
    There is this USB 2.0 TO RS232 Serial DB9 9 PIN Adapter Cable GPS PDA UK | eBay
    and it says it compatible with Windows 98. I don't know if it will work in your case but it won't cost much to try.

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