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    Hi I am looking to upgrade my cnc router to an aluminium cutting bed with tee slots.
    I have seen lots of machines which have this sort of cutting bed, made up of 3 or 4 widths across the bed depending on the width of the machine, but it is not easy to find a suitable source in the UK.
    I have tried the bosch agents but I would need to buy a 5600mm length minimum, their profile is 18mm x 160mm wide or 22mm x 160mm wide so Iwould need 3 off 1 metre lengths
    The bed of my machine is 480 x 1000mm long I could fit up to 600mm wide if need be, any suggestions?

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    KJN cut their profile to whatever size you want and deliver it via courier. I dunno if they have the size you want but, having used them in the past, I can say their service is good.

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    Try these too

    http://aluminium-profile.co.uk/]KJN - Suppliers or Aluminium Profile and Accessories
    http://www.valuframe.co.uk/]Valuframe - Aluminium Extrusions > Aluminium Profile > Aluminium Extrusion > Aluminium Profiles >Aluminium Profile Systems
    http://www.motedis.co.uk/shop/Slot-p...:::1.html]Slot profiles
    http://www.metallin.co.uk/shop/]Metallin - On-line store for Aluminium Profiles / Aluminium Extrusions / Aluminium Profile / Aluminium Extrusion
    http://www.8020cnc.com/]DIY 80/20 Aluminum Extrusion CNC Machine | 8020CNC.com
    http://www.boldman.co.uk/aluminium-p...tem/]Aluminium Profile Systems | Boldman | Leading manufacturer of Aluminium Profile Solutions
    http://www.wdsltd.co.uk/product/4644...-590]Aluminium Sub Plates MiteeBite (WDS 590), Sub Plates | WDS
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  5. your link to zapp is error 404.

    this is the correct link.
    Isel Aluminium Extrusions - Zapp Automation Ltd

    and here

    Kanya Aluminium Extrusions - Zapp Automation Ltd

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