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    Hi all.

    My Milling machine has finally been converted to CNC control, I have tested everything I know, so the 240 & 24 volt side of things seems ok

    I back to the dreaded question of software again, I think I have settled on MACH 3 has everyone seems to agree it's the easiest for beginners and comes with excellent support (I will probably need it) I would like some very cheap, preferably free CAD & CAM software until I get proficient at creating drawings and converting them to G Code, I have looked at FreeCad & Draftsight but I prefer 3D as that will be my main interest. Can anyone who has had this experience from novice to user recommend what i should use.


    RayClick image for larger version. 

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    If you remove the handles you'll get far higher acceleration and probably higher speed than with them attached.

    Cambam, CamBam CNC Software is good to start with.

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    Suggest you put shielded cable on your steppers other wise your asking for trouble.!!

    Agree with Jonathan regards CamBam being good start.

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    I'm another complete novice, but came across this cnc4free.org homepage through following a link on here somewhere. The guy who's site it is has produced a free e-book downloadable from his site direct, it's a real step by step guide, and you can't really go wrong.
    He also has a list of links to free software that will take you from idea to completion of a project.
    Omni die est discere diem

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    Thanks Jazz

    Already done, i uploaded an old photo.



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    Hi Jonathen

    Thanks for the tip, but i am not into speed yet, my machine is only small and the top rpm is only 1,600 so i will not be cutting anything too exotic or doing mass production.



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