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  1. Good day all.

    Quite often I see posts regarding what CAD or CAM software is out there, so I was thinking about making a list of known CAD / CAM Software.

    Here are the following I know off the top of my head.

    Alibre Design
    Dolphin CAD/CAM

    I know most are out of the price range for a hobbyist.

    It would be nice if we could make up a full listing of the software out there, what it supports and price ranges.

    Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards.
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    Thanks and I agree with your thinking, there is a section in this forum called 'source' that could be better utilised. For example the same questions keep coming up like, which CAD/CAM software, proximity switches, belts & pulleys, etc.
    If there was an index to various topics for information without the discussion posts it would be great.

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    Don't forget Draftsight - probably the best free 2D CAD package available at present.

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    For a CAM, I use Sheetcam and service is fantastic. True this is only 2 1/2D, but has served me well. It is kept up to date and new features are promised.

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    I searched for the perfect program to cut my .dxf files but couldn't find one. Eventually I gave up and wrote my own. It is wonderfully simple, does lovely graphics and I wouldn't use anything else...
    Anyone thinking about doing the same, don't

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    Just a quick search, it's knowing when to stop.

    InventorCAM -
    Sketchup -
    FreeMill -
    Links to quite a few free & cheap -
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    No one mentioned Vectric yet ?

    Ideal program for routers and similar work, good and helpful user base.
    John S -

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    MasterCam would be the best and most used in the world for CNC software -------2D/3D/5 axis/Router/RobotMaster for 6 axis machining -But its not cheap -----Most of the other ones you mentioned are used for drawing and some don't have machining capabilities/G code processing

  10. John,

    Vectric is listed last on the top list, which in my view really does not do it justice as Vectric is a family of CAM software with one that is professional grade CAD/CAM program (mainly for Furniture, Cabinet, and sign-makers but has more uses as well). They are Cut2D (have not used), Cut3D (own and use regularly), VCarvePro v7 is current version (I own and use on many projects), PhotoVCarve (great for Lithophanes among other uses), and the top of the hill Aspire (don't own a copy yet). If you are looking for good software with solid support without a huge bill I would seriously look into these.

    I also use CamBam for Engineering type 3D work (Cut3D work on a plane of a work surface and as such has some limits). Takes a bit more time to do proper set up but is a very good product. I have used others but, currently don't.

    CAD side of things I use ViaCAD Pro v8 which does most of what I need done and work well with both 2D and 3D modeling. I am fortunate enough to be a beta tester for them on ViaCAD and Shark which does give me some bias but they are a good product for the cost.

    Biggest issue for CAD/CAM is ROI; that and learning curve. Some of the modern CAD packages try to get folks stuck with them by having such a huge learning curve that once you have gotten over it you don't want to go through the headache again. So for a small shop I would strongly suggest going with solid programs that do the job instead of bells and whistles.

    Just my 2p Michael
    CAD software Shark Pro v10, Also Aspire v9.0
    CAM Software Aspire v9.0, CamBam v1 beta12
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    artcam express is worth a mention, about 100 quid, good software for the money.

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