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    another very simple software for cutting and engraving 2D shapes CNC Drawing Software
    Here you can create thin fonts, very easy repeat picture and make it ready for engraving

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    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know what the catch is with this software free mill. It says there is no restrictions but then the down load link says 'demo'. The two dont seem to add up to me. Has anyone had a play with this is any verdict?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I'm not 100% sure, but I think the current version of Freemill runs in side the demo of VisualCADCAM. The Freemill portion is unrestricted. It is a bit limited, mainly because it doesn't do roughing.
    At one time it was a standalone product, but that was quite a few years ago.
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    I looked at this last night and as Gerry says there is no roughing / finishing so I forgot about it right away.

    Then I came across this HeeksCAD and HeeksCNC
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    Hi Spluppit,

    I downloaded 'freemill' a few months ago and have briefly experimented with it. The splash screen mentions other programmes which they are trying to sell you, but the basic freemill is actually free and works unrestricted.

    I've ran a few STL 3d models through it, created toolpaths, and then simulated a run in Mach3. The toolpaths seem to be OK, and it all works as far as I can tell (not actually machined anything with it).

    The user interface is very nicely laid out, with a walkthrough style process to get you from start to finish and you'll quickly get the idea - however, it does lack features such as roughing out cuts. You would need to create an offset surface in your CAD programme and run that one first. I also noticed a few little 'bugs?' in that when I went back to the feed and speed section to try and optimise the run time, I had to try several times to get it to remember the new figures.

    But for a free and simple (if basic) 3D CAM programme I think it is worth a download, if only to start to appreciate the additional things you need to think about for 3D work over 2D work.

    edit: my post has crossed Eddy's and Gerry's but we're basically saying the same thing.
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    This is cheap and does 3D file conversion and terrain height maps, plus other great stuff.

    AccuTrans 3D MicroMouse - Home
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    I'm looking for a cad/cam program but undecided between vectric or artcam. Both look good as I'm only using my machine to cut toys out of wood, mdf or making toy boxes. So undecided , what does everyone else think?

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    I've looked at just about the lot and finally decided on CamBam. At first it seemed a bit naff but after watching videos on YouTube I decided to give it a better go. It's more 'manual' than other offerings but once you get the hang of it it's great, plus it's quite cheap.

    These were the series of 6 videos that convinced me, you might not be interested in the subject so just pretend he's making a toy of some sort.
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    I'll watch videos today and see if it will do. Thanks Eddy , I'll be alright as long as it's idiot proof.:-)

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    I hope it is OK if I add this (I'm the programmer):

    The homepage is currently German only - but the program has an English user interface and provides English tooltips with explanations.
    It can do 2d / 2.5d work based on .dxf files, some basic 3d with STL files and also includes a CNC controller using an Arduino.

    2D / 3D CAM Software and CNC controller:

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