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    Has anyone experience of the Powertran VFD running a 2.2kw water cooled spindle, machine was cutting and suddenly powered down close to running for 1 hour with an error (E.pho) looking in book it states: (Inverter output phase-lost) but cannot find anything about how to trace and rectify.

    VFD and motor is about a year old but this is the first time running them, did the test runs for 10 mins between at the different speeds to run the bearings in, then after set a program to run, motor and water never even got warm.

    Found the 4 pin plug on the wire to the motor was not held tight so made good, not solved the problem.

    Can anyone advise what to try next please.


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    Unplug the machine from the mains first and wait 5 minutes for the capacitors to discharge, then disconnect the spindle cable right at the VFD. Get a multimeter set on a low ohms range and if the wires can be called A,B,C then test the resistance between A-B, A-C, B-C. you should get the same reading for all 3 tests and from what I've read lately it will be round about 4 ohms. If the tests are good then that eliminates the wiring to the spindle, the connector on the spindle, the spindle motor itself. I had a quick look on the Internet for a copy of your manual but could not find one, do you have a link to it ?
    The problem might lie inside the inverter and these days they are not designed with user repair in mind. The VFD I use remains in fault until a manual reset has occurred so look in your manual for a fault reset sequence, it may be that the connector you found loose is giving an intermittent connection which you have now fixed.

    This might be useful, by the sounds of it your drive should be okay up to what they call in this document the 'inverter circuit' and I'm guessing the input of yours is probably single phase. The principle is the same though, rectified AC in to make a DC supply which is then chopped up by the inverter circuit to produce a 3 phase AC output. So you should start on page 5.
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    Thanks will have a look tomorrow downside is I do not understand electrics too well, here is the link PI8000&8100 series Frequency Inverter Manual.PDF_免费高速下载|百度云 网盘-分享*限制, looks like I got the name wrong reason you could not find it.

    If you see anything that could direct me what to do to test & reset that would be great.

    Another question should the shield of the motor cable be connected to the plug on the motor cable & to the other end say the heatsink on the VFD, when I first made the connection I did not connect the shield to the heatsink and I got noisy steppers after connecting the noise had gone, on inspecting the plug end I noticed the shield was not touching the metal plug could this have been the reason for error.


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    Normally with shielding you want it connected to the supply end only, this is to eliminate a circular path or circuit that current can flow round.
    This is a better download link, once downloaded it allows you search for "reset" for example.
    Crazy though it is (price wise), if you don't have a meter this one should do the job
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    Hi Phill

    Where about's in Derbyshire are you?


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    Quote Originally Posted by audioandy View Post
    Hi Phill

    Where about's in Derbyshire are you?

    Just off A38 DE56

    Been trying settings on VFD and will run for 1/2 hour at different speeds then trip out with the same error, all cable ends have been remade and are tightly clamped in respective holes, just been told as it's never been used for about a year it might need charging? anyone know how to charge and if it does need too and could this be the reason why it won't run longer.


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    Hi Phill

    If you can't sort it I can have a ride over and have a quick look at it with you.

    As for the charging I have no clue what they are on about other than they may be talking about the large capacitors on the board which if they are I have never heard of that before!

    Send me a pm if you want any help with your phone number and I will give you a call.



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    I hadn't picked up from your posts that it would run for a while before faulting again, I read it as though it would not work at all. The capacitor issue is called 'forming' or in this case 'reforming' it's always been an issue for quality stereo system amplifiers too.
    Have a read at this post, I put a link in there about it.

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