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    The time has come at long last to make a start to my cnc router. Ive had a build log started before but included the building of my workshop. This log will be dedicated to my machine. Ive had discussions with a few guys over the last year about bits and bobs, but i,ve had the most dialogue with Dean (Jazzcnc). My machine will be designed to be able to work well with hard woods and acrylics, if aluminum is in there that will be a bonus, but not a necessity. The size of the machine will be 1450 x 1450, to be able to accept a half sheet comfortably. I will be having an adjustable table as at times i will be machining fireplace mantels which are 200mm deep, and the rest of the time will be smaller thicknesses. I will also be accommodating a 4th axis, to carry out some 3d work/spindles ect. The plan was to get started this weekend but the blade i bought for my chop saw failed miserably, so will now have to hire one with an abrasive wheel. So that will take me onto next weekend. I will need to confirm my frame with Dean before i start, as i,m not sure the best way to accommodate the 4th axis. The rest of the frame is fine and i,m happy, as is dean, the way to do it. The materials will mostly come from chai as he has been very good to me with quotes ect. Ive got some of the 60 x 60 x 3mm box section, with 3 more lengths being delivered this week, so that will get me started. I will start to post photos up of my progress, as soon as i do make some. Please feel free to chip in along the way, i,m always open to questions.

    Thank you, alex.
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    Well thats me sorted with a metal chop saw at last. 50 for a clarke chop saw and 5 new blades, im well chuffed. Now to get cutting and building. I,ll put photos up, when i make some progress.


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    Finished half day today, so cracked on with my frame. Got one side nearly finished, and i,m pretty happy with the progress, in fact very happy. Just got order more 60 x 60 x 3mm box section and some flat bar, and will get it all welded up ready for phase 2. cant get the photos off my iphone for some reason. As soon as i can get them up i will.


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    Alex, good to see that you have finally got the time to continue with your project. Take it you managed to get the workshop completed.

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    Hi Martin thought u had fled the country lol. Yes workshop all finished, and been in full production since. Glad to have made a long awaited start, in between doing my craft work. Nice to hear from u.

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    No chance of that Alex, I'm only allowed to go back down south for short visits lol.
    So what craft work are you doing & how you doing it without the router? I'm not at the unit a lot of the time, especially now the weather has started to turn but just contact me & I will let you know when I am likely to be there.

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