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    cutting a long story short. I need to knock up, beg, borrow or steal a combination of 3 jaw chuck connected to stepper

    something like this
    Sherline 8730 - CNC Rotary Table with Stepper Motor International Shipping | eBay

    problem is, there is very limited amount available in the UK... i havent been able to find any. My only option appears to be china... or canada both of which, there will be a large delay for postage. I really need something this side of THIS weekend

    does anybody have / or know somewhere in the uk that sells / a rotary table connected to a stepper or any combination of the above that they want to sell... or even hire? for a rush job?

    thanks in advance

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    Would this do the job:- Rotary Tables - Arc Euro Trade ..Clive

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    thanks clive... il give them a ring... shame they havent got the 4" ones in stock. but its an option nethertheless

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    Hi M8
    That one was listed as out of stock
    Buy Axminster CNC 4th Axis Rotary Table from Axminster, fast delivery for the UK
    This ones silly money, with a bit of luck someone on the forum will have one,there is an article about building one on the forum and i am sure there are some knocking about,Good luck

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    Why not make your own? I made 2 so far... Just get a manual rotary table of eBay (RDG do them cheap).
    Replace the handle with a T5 pulley, add a belt and a stepper. Done !
    I can email you a picture of the one I made if you want ?

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    thanks for replies....i have also made one before ... just this time I havent got the time.

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