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    try my friend Ivan Porter. Tell him brendan passed on his details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-man View Post
    Thanks Martin.

    All that it says (according to the customer) is that there is to be a ramp in place incase the canine panics. Or for the canine to be able to exit the pool unaided.
    Hi D-man,
    If the ramp is only for the canine does this mean that it doesn't have to decend to the base of the pool, only to a depth of max doggy leg depth when swimming or are you talking about a ramp that has a slope of pool depth/w+0.5l. I'm not sure how a ramp like that would work as there would only be a short section that the dog could exit, relative to the perimeter. Also not sure how well that suits a panicking doggy. I would have thought a short ramp actually sloping from the edge towards the center of the pool would be a better bet.
    Send me a PM if you want, I have an Engineering and Manufacturing backround and I'm pretty handy with Solidworks so I could either generate some sketches for you to help mull over different options and concepts or if you want to take it further I would draw up a set of working drawings.
    Interesting one...

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