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    Hi Guys
    I thought it was about time i tried to learn to use Sketchup.
    Thought it was free but i keep getting sent to the Professional software that only allows use for 8 hours !
    Can anyone help

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    Download SketchUp | SketchUp

    I think the new version of Sketchup for "free" is Sketchup Make, which comes up on the link above when you choose "Personal Projects" from the "Intend to use Sketchup for" drop down.

    If you get really stuck let me know as I'm sure I have the v8 installer somewhere (I've yet to upgrade mine from that version).

    Hope that helps.


    Edit: They don't make it easy do they - try here instead: Download | SketchUp
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    Thanks for that Chris
    If i had been taking more notice it does say the 8 hours is a trial of the Pro Software Dohh
    That no telly for me tonight

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    Did you have any luck with Sketch up 8? i can send you the installer if you like. Just started using it myself if there is anything i might be able to help with.

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    Hi Billy thanks for the reply,
    Luck- no not really, not got a clue (that's why i have been putting it off for so long) must be my age.Over the years i have tried to dabble with drafting programs(bought autocad @ a woodworking expedition) but try as i may the little grey cells let me down.
    Thanks for your consideration.

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    Light @ the end of the tunnel, the tutorials insisted on opening in ie but would not work without uploading a plugin, used Firefox and got the tutorials so just a matter of going through them(several times no doubt) and doing some doodling.
    Thanks for your help guys

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