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    Are there any machine couriers on here or can recomend one i bought a lathe 250kg, L 1000mm W 700mm H 800mm needs to get it from brum to leicestershire and dumped in my front yard i can hopefully manage it from there.
    i should have worried about it before buying but there you go.
    What should i be looking to pay?
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    throw it on a pallet and use a courier.

    Pallet Couriers UK Nationwide & European Pallet Distribution
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    National Pallets as per i2i's suggestion, or if whoever you bought it of is incapable of getting it on a pallet, stick it up on shiply and see what offers you get.
    Given the relatively short distance, you might find somebody on shiply that's just as cheap, and it only takes 5 minutes to stick up a request.

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