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    Does anyone know where i can find belt and pulley for a spindle drive?


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    theres loads of suppliers mentioned on the forum try the search button
    heres one
    Timing Pulleys

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    Thankyou guys!

    I am going to use it for a cnc spindle drive using a brushless RC outrunner.
    To be honest i havent got a clue about which type of belt i need but i was hoping that the supplier could help me out.
    The motor is going to run at max 4800 rpm and the spindle about 2,5 x 4800.

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    Got that on my list!! What size motor do you plan to use and will you regulate it with a servo tester? Also be interested in power source please. LiPo`s?

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    I am going to build two spindles. One with a belt drive for milling MDF, wood and softer materials. The other one with a direct drive for aluminium.
    I will use a 220V power source. Right now im looking at 12-18V and 500 W. I will use as powerful outrunner motor as the power source can handle.
    Maybe about 250-300 kv. That will give max 5400 rpm direct and more with belt and pulleys.
    Yes, i will regulate them with an ESC and a servo tester.
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