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    Thank you Jazz, that does make sense. The only bit I find arse about face is that you said that X0 would move the TABLE to the extreme left...surely you meant the CUTTER moves to the extreme left, so therefore the table moves to the right? That's assuming that X0, Y0 is in the "bottom left" corner?
    Yes Sorry did mean to say move tool not table(changed it now) Was just a test really to see if you where paying attention. . . . . You should always think of it has tool movement not table.

    If you think of it has X+ moves the tool to right but the actual table will move left, like wise Y+ will moves the tool towards back of machine but table comes towards you. Z+ moves the tool away from the table. . . Hope this is clearer.!!

    Check this HSM CAM handbook out because it has some good guides on coordinates etc. .
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