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    I had a look @ the cam lock tailstock and i would imagine it's the same casting with the mod done, 80 squids is a lot of money for that mod(made the bits for mine) my advise would to take the kind offer of the spare and fettle that, the camlock mod is easy enough for you to do yourself.(just my opinion)

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    The casting is slightly different but I don't see that as a problem that can't be overcome. Here's some piccies to show what is involved.
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    Cheers for the replys everyone.

    I'm not too fussed with the camlock. I use a ratchet spanner with angle adjustment on the nut on my tailstock as it is so a camlock isn't important although it'd be nice.

    My aim is to be able to drill a hole, possibly ream it, so an accurate size good enough to make V pulleys for O-rings for a small CNC spindle.

    My current tailstock wasn't capable of doing such things because it shifted every time you used it, the drills pinged back every time you retracted, it was wobbly on the ways so I could drill a hole, pull the stock back and change the drill, put it back and it'd be in a different position. Before I'd never attempted to do any major accurate work with it so it never bothered me, but now that I do need accuracy, I'm not getting it.

    And yes, 80 is a shedload of money!

    Rob, perhaps you could price up what you would like for those stocks? maybe I could fettle together a working stock from the parts.

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    Booski, I'm sending you an email

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    Engineers Blue is about 6GBP for a tin that will never get used up in your lifetime, in the yard we used a red oxide powder and just a couple of drops of oil to make a paste, if you can still get powdered paint that should do, you do need to get the "V" taper decent to give you any kind of repeatability.

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    What can I say, I'm incredibly tight! :D The V Taper on my base and ways is acceptable despite looking like it was machined with a chainsaw on the base, it's alright. It's just the opposite side that's rough. Looks like the araldite and brass sheet has taken to the base alright at there is only a 0.002" difference in height from side to side which for my needs is reasonably acceptable. I'll head out later and align up the tailstock, shim, set height etc.

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