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    After much reading and getting all excited about building my own CNC router and then finally realising that I have no time with 2 young boys and rugby, football, cricket, taekwondo, swimming lessons and homework.
    So putting the word out that I am looking for a prebuilt machine running Mach 3 and anything under 1200mm square.
    Primarily for cutting wood for hobby work and I'm based in Cardiff.

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    hi Bob, i'm also in Cardiff and I often have routers in for sale. I've pm'ed you my number.

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    I met up with i2i last week and he gave up his time to give me a crash course into the world of CNC.
    The knowledge he has, and is willing to share is incredible, and at times I must have had that Homer Simpson vacant look about me from being a total beginner.
    So a big thank you to i2i for your patience and kindness.
    Hope to stay in touch with you.

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    Please ignore this thread as I have decided to build one instead.
    This will be my new home until complete: http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/router...-together.html

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    Isel router, anything considered with an x y of 400, 600 or above.

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