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    Has anyone any experience of this suppler and spindle?

    Spindel-Shop.de - Onlineshop - HF-Spindeln, Frequenzumrichter und Komplettsysteme für CNC

    I know it is not cheap, but I am looking for a quality spindle.



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    Yes they are a great company to deal with, spindle is great too might be a little more costly than the others but their service is second to none, shipping is 2 to 3 days from order "mine came in 2 days", recently had a problem with a VFD kept showing an error sent it back and was tested out and a replacement sent back in 2 days, it's hard to get anything done that quick from a UK supplier.

    "Paul G" is the guy you need to talk to very helpful.


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    Thanks Phill,

    I'll read the spec and go from there. This forum is a very useful place!


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    If you're into that price bracket you could also consider an ELTE spindle. Home Page

    This is the UK contact for them
    Trevor Keene info@spindlesas.co.uk
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    Thanks Eddy.

    I had a look at their offerings and the UK distributors site:

    Spindles Advisory Service : Machine Tool Spindle Systems

    Not very impressed with information provided. Looks like it hasn't been updated for five years and certainly doesn't feel like
    a real on-line business. If I'm going to pay a distributor his cut then I want to feel that I am getting some value for that.


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