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    Something like this maybe:

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboCutter View Post
    Something like this maybe:
    that does look a nice build, looks a lot nicer than the cheap Chinese ones.
    would it basically been a router not mean it would make a mess of 1050 grade aluminium ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboCutter View Post
    Something like this maybe:
    Judging by the photos on this page, the machine uses simple brass rollers on a (possibly?) aluminium extrusion to guide the X-axis. Although it looks like the rigidity of that system is adequate for engraving, I'd be concerned about the longevity.

    The German word for 'ballscrew' is 'kugelrollspindel', but they've instead used 'Rundgewindespindel's, which are leadscrews. This means the machine is likely to have higher backlash, especially once the leadscrew nuts have worn a bit. This is confirmed by the 'Wiederholungsgenauigkeit' (positioning repetability) being +-0.05mm. That's enough to show up on a detailed engraving.

    Interestingly they have given some measure of stiffness. Although it says torsional, the units imply linear stiffness hence I think they are saying that the machine will deflect by between 0.1mm and 0.14mm if a force of 20N is applied, so the stiffness is between 143N/mm 200N/mm. Unimpressive, though might be adequate as your requirements are small. The thing to do would be to ask someone who'se got one of the cheap machines from eBay (e.g. CNC6040, CNC3020) to measure its stiffness, then we can make an objective comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmac80 View Post
    Thanks for the welcome Geoffrey

    Could you post me a link to the kind of machine your talking about please.
    A forum member has just posted a Denford starmill for sale. This is the sort of thing I meant and the Denfords are very nice little rigid mills. This one has already been converted, so is probably worth a pm to the owner. G.

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    thanks :) will go for a look!

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    I think you'll find it's been sold.

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    Yep.... Sold now

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    wondering will it just be easier to get the mrs a scroll saw, something like a hegner se with variable speed. then she can cut custom shapes from soft 1050grade aluminium with that. i tried on the aluminium myself with a jigsaw and metal blade, it cut fine so a scroll saw with metal blade should be good.... all be it slow but maybe ok for custom one off stuff.
    From what i can see on videos on the net a cnc router would make a mess of soft aluminium.

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    does anyone have a small chinese style router i could send a small bit of aluminium sheet to to see if it cuts a shape ok?
    i just don't want to spend a heap of money on one if it doesn't work! :)

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    What happened, did the Mrs have other ideas ?

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