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    Hello Guys,
    I am in real need of help.... I was thinking of getting help to buy a new cnc machine!!!! but the hefty price has put me off big time So now i find myself back on this wonderful site... i have a old cnc machine that has been partly restored... but it has been left sat in workshop for over three years... i need to get the machine working... any tips and advise will be very grateful guys.. I would really appreciate any help. The machine i have has a nee amc controller the bed size is 8 x 5 and it was made by STD?

    I have been told by a well wisher to take off air rams to the two spindles... and change to newer stepper motors? and not forgetting to get a new water cooled spindle..... and the old machine will be better then a new one?

    Honestly i am in a real dilemma i cant honestly afford a new one... and have a really good machine which i have never seen work I would like any tips and advice if upgrading is the best option.

    thanks in advance
    sorry for a long post

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    To be honest you are not making a lot of sense but here's a thread regarding nee amc
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    sorry . I have a table cnc router machine that i would like to upgrade.. i have just added pictures to my profile..

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    Ok start by posting some really good quality pictures of the machine and esp the Electrical side of things. Like inside the Control box and motors etc.

    Does the Control still work and do you have the software needed for it.? . . . If not then chances are you'll save your self some heart ache and Cash by converting the control to use Mach3 or Linux CNC.

    Depending on what Electronics are on the machine then it could be simple conversion just requiring simple hardware like breakout board.? On the other hand if it has proprietary hardware then it could need it's guts ripping out and full refit. Thats said that's not the end of the world and will still cost less than half most commercial controllers and replacement proprietary hardware costs.

    Start with GOOD pictures and we'll see from there.!!

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    here are the pictures that i took earlierClick image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_123142.jpg 
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Name:	20131128_123149.jpg 
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Name:	20131128_123220.jpg 
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Name:	20131128_123227.jpg 
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Name:	20131128_123315.jpg 
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Name:	20131128_123349.jpg 
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Name:	20131128_123413.jpg 
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Name:	20131128_123545.jpg 
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    Machine looks a beast, if the spindles work I can't see why you would want to change them. I can see a screw on the Z axis so what exactly are the air cylinders doing ?

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    Thanks Eddy... like i said before this is kinda new to me... the air rams lift the spindles to the datum? the gantry (i think that is what it is called) has a 200mm drop for cutting i think? everything comes on but cant get the spindle on? someone came to the workshop today and advised it would be best to upgrade the spindles and the stepper motors and put new drivers to the machine and this will be better then buying a new one any day? i am new to all this and am willing to learn. Thanks

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    Okay, imagine you strip the machine back to the mechanical items and replace the electronics, that would be the easiest option but maybe not the cheapest. The stepper motors themselves look okay according to the photos. How are the spindles controlled ? is there a variable speed drive or are they just on and off ?
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    Ok well thats a start but still need more info and pictures.

    Need to know exactly what's happening regards it working and what it does or doesn't do. Does the Control come on and do anything.? If not are there any Error messages.?
    Need pictures of inside the Control box.

    The air cyclinders will be for plunge drilling and each head independent to each other. One spindle will be for cutting the other for drilling. This what those Sticker strips refer to, they are the offsets from each head.

    Can't really help any more with out more info and better pics of the internals. . . .BUT I wouldn't go ripping stuff out just yet.
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    Hi, before removing the air cylinders you should find out their original function, they may be working as some kind of counter balance or lift assist for the Z axis. do you rally need two spindles, you may be able to increase the Y travel if you remove one of them. I think your controller is an AMC 3 stepper controller end they do work very well (I have one).
    good luck with your conversion . G.
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