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    Hello everybody,

    My name is Jordan Moseley and currently my CNC knowledge is minimal, I have never operated one but I want to gain the skills to be able to.

    I work for an Automotive company that produces parts for many very large motor vehicle companies.
    Recently, our company has invested in CNC Machines, the particular one uses Sinumeric 828D, thus I have found resources for that:


    SinuTrain Turning made easy with ShopTurn

    But, are there any other resources that I should read first.

    Whenever I am sufficiently trained, I will be supervised by a trained operator for safety.

    I do have an Engineering Diploma that I earned during my GCSEs, so I have some experience, even if little.

    Thanks to all, good to be here.


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    Hi Jordan, wellcome to forum. I am sure that your enthusiasm will soon be translated into knowledge and skills. Good luck. G.

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