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    I'm struggling to find metric bolts that have decent dimensional tolerances.

    I love A/N bolts in imperial, but I really need something decent in metric.
    Probably from M6 to M16 and all kinds of different lengths.

    Yeah, there is about thousand and one different EN and ISO standards for metric fasteners but the reality seems to be that anything but your bolt store "roughly about M8" is easily available?

    Thanks for help!

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    Any use ?
    Metric Fasteners Screws Bolts Nuts Washers
    "We manufacture special fasteners in any material. For a quotation, call us on
    01691 654979 or Email sales@gwr-fasteners.co.uk"

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    Google found them for me also. But as they don't really have any specs online, so I didn't bother with them more at the moment. But if nothing turns out, I have to call them! :)

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