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    Can anyone give any advice on the pickup and transporting of a spindle moulder which weighs in at about .75 ton.
    Would a VW T5 transporter be enough?
    How many people would be required to move it?
    Can it be done without a forklift?

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    Depends on the physical size 15cwt/1.25=12 so 12 people could lift it. But you really need a fork lift or hyab to move it. If you are asking the question I think you will need a company to do it for you as you don't want that weight falling on you. ..Clive

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    I think that a hiab lorry is the best way as that will work for both loading and unloading. I have a similar problem with a 600kg router to move from Liecester to Bourne, and have been quoted 250 which is more than I want to spend. I am going to build a trolley and borrow a trailer with a winch and ramps and use my campervan (towbar fitted) and do the job myself. There is no way that I would try to lift that weight, even with 20 men - far too dangerous - although I am sure some will have done it!!! Good luck. G.

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    Thanks All,
    I have moved some very big machinery in the past (Wadkin 4 sided planer and Altendorf panel saw), but only ever on the ground (Egyptian method scaffold planks and tubes). As always it's getting the weight loaded and unloaded that's the problem. Once it's on the ground you are laughing (or crying) depending upon how the lift went.
    I've had a couple of scary quotes too which come to more than double what I paid for the machine.
    Looks like it's time to call in a few favours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GEOFFREY View Post
    I think that a hiab lorry is the best way as that will work for both loading and unloading. I have a similar problem with a 600kg router to move from Liecester to Bourne,.
    If you need an extra pair of hands with the loading geoff give me a shout,

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    Tried putting a job on Courier Services | UK Delivery Service Companies - Shiply ?
    Just list what it is, size, and weight, and see what quotes you get. Doesn't cost you anything to list the job, and you might get somebody local who'll move it for not much money.

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    Thanks Dazz - you may live to regret that kind offer!!! G.

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    May be a bit late on this I use a common engine lift for lifting large blocks of stone. I have a Ford ranger Pickup which I reverse after the stone is Pumped Up and reverse under it with someone guiding. and because the engine lift is small it can be lifted onto the back of the pickup.

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    Reminds me of this - 35-ton Load Floats on Air - YouTube

    Basically, put it on air-skids and tow it down the motorway :)
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