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    I am Mike from Techserv in Dewsbury. We build large gas and plasma cutting machines for industrial users but are also starting to manufacture stepper based machines for the education / hobby market. It is interesting to compare the 'home made' to 'business made' machines as the emphasis on costs is somewhat different. I will spend more on materials in an attempt to get the labour cost out whereas for you guys labour is effectivly free, also the control systems tend to be easier to operate on the larger machines as the hobby user is prepared to spend more time programming rather than cutting . It is amazing to see the level of complexity an individual can build into a 'hobby' machine. Sorry to use terms like 'home' and 'hobby' but they sound better than home brew or similar.
    We have quite a bit of technical info, spares for plasma packs, control systems etc and may be able to source parts if required generally f.o.c.
    I would welcome any feedback on my videos on youtube (miketechserv) and a few pictures on
    Having spent the past 4 years designing a control system, I have picked up a few utilities that may be of help to someone and I strongly promote the power of Labview for machine control.

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    Hi mike techserv, welcome to MYCNCUK. Please take the time to view the FAQ section for answers to questions you may have, if your building a new machine be sure to start a new build log detailing your progress !

  3. Hi Mike,
    I met you a few times when i was working for Motion Control Products.

    Hows business going?

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    Videos all play at the same time on my machine, fine if you have a gigabit connection I suppose but not on hobby broadband :(

    Like the look of the programming system but I don't get this hobbiests spend more time programming and less time cutting statement. I've had my machine for nearly a year and not typed in one line of G-code. Does Techserv's machinery self program then? How clever.......

    Nothing is a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Hi Gary

    Bit slow at the moment, gives us chance to clean the workshop up a bit.



  6. The current economy has effected quite a few companies, but the slowdown does give you time to sort things out that you have been meaning to do for years but never got round to doing.
    I seporated from MCP to concentrate on my own business and i'm finding that with the current Euro exchange rate we are exporting a lot into europe.


    Quote Originally Posted by mike techserv View Post
    Hi Gary

    Bit slow at the moment, gives us chance to clean the workshop up a bit.



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    Hi Jeff
    yes not too sure why they all play together, sorry.

    Regarding programmimg etc. it is refreshing from my point of view to come across people who are actually interested in how the machines work, generally the industrial customer is just concerned with cut plate on the floor.

    Self progaramming - that would be neat, I wonder if.......


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    Hi Mike,

    Nice to see one of the "big boys" here at last. I must admit to being fascinated with this Labview software. I've heard the name mentioned many times but as it didn't cross over with anything I was doing I never follwed it up. Love the touch screen control and something I will add this year.

    Regards, Jeff.
    Nothing is a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Theres only 8 of us so we are the smallest of the 'big boys'.

    Labview is ideal for people who want to programme, but find the vb stuff a bit too structured i.e. having to preplan how your programme is going to work almost before you start. With Labview you can create a vi (virtual instrument ( bit of programme)) to perform one function and expand on it in an almost haphazard (in my case) fashion.

    Touch screens are pretty neat, we buy ours from RS components and stick them in front of standard, de-cased 15" monitors, sub 200 for the lot


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    hi mike how about this for a home brew machine sick to death of the limitations of the heidenhain controler(mdi) so we chucked it off and built in a retrofit full closed loop servo system..this is working great with fantastic speeds and full 3d machining.We are about to add a fourth axis with a powered rotary table..We have a friend who is head of programing at a cnc engineering firm who is very happy to come and use fact it is at the moment machining a 2 inch thick spacer/airbox to fit onto a v 8 engine suppercharger used for drag racing.We do it for fun.
    had a look at your machines and wow they are big and look good,great to see sheet metal being able to be cut like this..time was this was done by oxy acct torch and a profiling machine following a line on the sheet metal on the floor of the factory ...good luck in your business..bobin
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