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    Hi Thanks Bobbin, we had a miller very similar to yours, worked well, we chucked it out eventually and replaced it with a big beaver mill (1500) off ebay. We have just installed 4 machines in a shipyard making bits for the new aircraft carriers, its hard to get an idea of the scale of the ships when you see the flat plate being cut, but they are going to be massive. We used to mend the old line following machines, there are still a few of the old BOC machines about with the original scanners, designed in the late 60's before servomotors were readily avaliable. The gearboxes were like a swiss watch, 6 watt motors I think, not bad for a half ton (1230lbs it says in the manual) machine, the rails had to be fairly level or the machine had difficulty dragging its self up the rail. Thanks for the good wishes.


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    Hi Mike,

    I work for a firm in the Notts area building CNC plasma/flame cutters, Can you guess who!!!


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    Hi mike
    Let me guess is it acs? Or are you that bloke in Mansfield who made a plasma machine? No wait.... could it be esprit! Why not call in for a cuppa if your in the area, always good to see a new face in our limited field, perhaps I could flog some controllers to Andy.


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    Yup Esprit!!

    Been there nearly 4 years! You know Andy then?


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    Hi Hemsworthlad
    Thanks for your comments, nice to get a bit of feedback, you are more than welcome to call in and have a rummage about, we do have an old esab plasma Pack kicking around if you haven't got one sorted for your machine foc


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    Hi mike
    Oh yes, met on a few occasions, we don't compete much and it's useful to chat sometimes, keep our common suppliers in check. What's your role in the company?

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    Wireman / Tester

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    Seen some of your work, very neat, lot of wires on the big machines

    Enjoy the forum, perhaps you should introduce cookey to it!




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    A few too many wires on the Monsters!


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    Hi mike, welcome to the forum!

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