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    And I'll add that although I'll respond to questions on here, I'll only post new questions when I think this is the best place to ask them.
    All my build threads/new purchase threads go elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EddyCurrent View Post
    It must have been a bad day but I wasn't part of it, you once told me to "lighten up", I think you need to do the same now. All I was saying was that a cnc forum already exists at John S's web site so it would take very little requirements to start posting there instead of here.
    Eddy I wasn't having a go at you but just replying to your comments on me needing anything other than time. The rest was just a general rant and explination why I get Pissed off and not aimed at you in anyway. If came over in a differant way then I'm sorry and didn't mean to offend, I'm now into my 3rd guinness so I'm quite chilled. . .Lol

    Your quite correct in that you have contributed in the short time you have been on the the site and this is great. Time will tell if you stay around after it starts moving.!. . Many don't and that is fine, I haven't got a problem with it.
    Like I say what pisses me off is the lack of communication and utter couldn't careless attitude of the person who runs the site towards the people who actually make the site worth running.!

    I know Lee has been going thru some tuff times recently but he's not the only one.!! . . And if he's got time to Dick around with the site he's got time to Reply and communicate with the folks who keep it active.

    Anyway enough now because I'm near the bottom so it's decision time.? . . Bed or Finish the 4th.!!!
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