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    Hi All
    Business has been good and I have just purchased a new cnc (well new to me ) Any one seen the cnc on ebay classified an Orange one a Kew 1212
    with 4th axis.
    Anyone know anything about the kew1212 I would love to hear anything good or bad.

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    Have you got a link?

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    Have only got the item number
    eBay item number:


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    I don't know anything about those machines, but it does look like you Santa has been good to you!!! merry Christmas to all forum members. G.

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    It looks nice. When you have the machine open the control panel and see if you have driver for each axis or there is something funny like 2 motors on one driver. Which is typical for Chinese machines. If so, buy one more motor driver and you should be ok.

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    Hi Bud
    I will look for that when I get it and order one up , when the cnc is up and running then I need to up date my Laser.

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    I've seen the same one on there before, maybe not the exact one but one similar and the photos were the same too.
    I'll be interested to hear when you have actually got it.

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    Pete, Have you got this in your possession yet ?

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    Hi Bud Going to collect it on Tuesday.
    why what do you know bud

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