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    Quote Originally Posted by petesos View Post
    Hi Bud Going to collect it on Tuesday.
    why what do you know bud
    Just interested because I was watching one like it myself, how's it performing ?

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    Hi Bud
    Well I have it but its not installed yet as I need to move it into my workshop But I have run it up for a while and seen it working
    and I am very very impressed not at all like the Strike machine in any way ,,,,every thing about the machine is substantial.
    The frame is 10mm welded steel and not one bit of movement and ridgid as hell the Gantry is 14mm cast iron with webbing and the table is a vac bed with 4 seperate zones so you can do a small job or a full size job that covers the whole bed and the 4th axis will take a job piece up to a meter long and 150mm square and even that is 1 inch aluminium .
    I am evil though as I lost a lot of money on the Strike machine and I thought to myself Pete you were such a nob end in buying the strike crap
    If you find yourself in my area bud you would be made most welcome to come and have a play with the machine and see what you think.

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    Pete, sounds like it might be a good buy, thanks for the update and invite.

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    Sounds very impressive and good value. G.

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    I will post some photos of the machine when its up and running

  6. Its good to see that model.
    But I like to give one suggestion. Its good to buy new one but if you don't have any idea about this model then 1st you have to do experiment on second hand model, then go for new one.
    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EddyCurrent View Post
    I've seen the same one on there before, maybe not the exact one but one similar and the photos were the same too.
    I'll be interested to hear when you have actually got it.
    I think there is more than one available having seen it before... Perhaps ex-demo?

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