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    My Clarke CL300 keeps shredding belts and I am ready to upgrade anyway.

    What about this one as a replacement ? Anyone any experience of this machine or this seller ?

    **NEW** AMA290VF Bench Lathe (11x27) Var.spd - power crossfeed - 38mm bore | eBay



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    I can't comment on the quality of that particular lathe, but Warco seem to offer the same one, with a few extra bells and whistles:

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    Yes, it is another 600 for a stand and DRO's. I think that takes it out of my budget, but I might have word with Warco when they open up after the break. Somehow I trust Warco more than the other vendor. After all said and done it is a Chinese product, and I am a bit wary of the low-end machinery. I bought a Clarke CL300 from Machine Mart about 10 years ago, and it was basically crap. One day, for the hell of it, I might see if I can turn it into a lathe

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    Have a look through and see if you can pick up a good old one. Stay away from that myford crap though.

  6. They're all made in China nowadays, and are variants on the same basic design.

    Choose your supplier on their aftersales service... personally I've had good support from Warco in the past. Not had any dealings personally with Harry at Amadeal other than a chat on the phone a couple of years ago but heard some good reports on other forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irving2008 View Post
    Not had any dealings personally with Harry at Amadeal other than a chat on the phone a couple of years ago but heard some good reports on other forums.
    I've ordered from Amadeal a couple of times, no problem whatsover, very good.
    I've also spent a lot of money at Axminster Tools and they are also very good indeed.

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    I haven't spent a lot of money at Axminster Tools, but when the slide plate broke on my CL300 MachineMart were out of stock with expected delivery 12 months and ArcEuro were saying 5 months. Axminster had 5 which they found in a dark corner of their warehouse.

    Their customer service I would rate as superb.

    Having said that, I am going to talk to Warco as their version of the 290VF has a lot of goodies with it, which makes 2,490 an attractive price, even if it is more than I want to spend at the moment.



  9. You have to look at these things as a long term investment. What's the 'cost' of not going for the higher spec? A DRO saves time so if used commercially will boost productivity. Even in hobby terms 'time' has a value. I'd add a QCTP in that category too. IMHO having all your toolbits pre-aligned is a big time saver as well as potentially avoiding costly errors. 600 more over the life of the machine is <60 a year. Unless you're using a payday lender to fund the purchase the additional cost is far cheaper than the return on any 'savings' you make.

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    Actually, the financial arguments, whilst still sound, are not relevant to me. Let's face it I am buying myself a toy, but I want one that has a lot of play value. I don't want the frustration of having to mend it to use it. My tailstock accessories only need a MT2 to MT3 converter. All my cutting tools are 8mm, so I may need to buy a heftier set and the Warco machine comes with a stand, fixed and travelling steadies and 3jaw self centring and 4 jaw independent chucks, plus a lot of other goodies.

    It certainly beats getting socks for Christmas, especially as I never wear them (prefer seamed stockings [I am bearded, 145 kg and 1.7m tall - now get that mental picture out of your mind])

    Happy New Year to All.


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