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    Hi everyone I'm hoping for a little help I bought my son who has DMD a cnc for Christmas I haven't a clue what's going on I've loaded software called mach3 and set it up only thing is I don't know how to make the drill bit to turn on any advice ideas would be greatfuly received

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    This could be a number of things, do you have any more info on the machine itself, are there any web links to it ?

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    Generally speaking, people don’t set mach up to run their spindle and have a separate control to dial in the required speed…. Not always the case so you need to check.
    Trace the wiring from the spindle to where it terminate and take a photo or describe what is what may get you some help.

    Have you any info on the machine you have bought… photos etc?

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    Hi, wellcome to the forum. What a lovely christmas gift for your son. Post some details of what you have and what any plans for the machines use. As has already been stated, it is not unusual to switch the spindle seperately, but it probably can be configured to operate automatically. I am sure that some of our more experienced will soon help you to get up and running. My niece has two lovely lads who also have DMD (now teenagers) and I think an interest in cnc would have been a fantastic interest for them. Good luck. G.

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    Going to PM my phone number lads has think this will take some sorting via the forum if completely new to cnc.

    Tele45 I suggest you ring me has it will save you many back n forth messages and head scratching.!

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    Some say "good old Jazz" - others??? Well done Jazz. G.

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    what an ACE present.

    There is lots you can do, can you post either a picture or a link to the macheen, if not.

    what size is it ( cutting area )
    What spindle does it have ( KV )

    perhaps the better question is,

    what do i need to learn to make it usefull or make things.

    Basics with CNCing.

    you need to turn and image or moddle, into a code that you CNC machen will understand ( G-Code ). There are many free and paid programs mentioned on here you can use.

    Mach 3 comes with some tools that will convert wording to a stencle easy enough. or pick one of the many others.

    TIP. keep it simple while you learn, maby etch you sons name into something ( the macheen is capable of so much more )

    Tip. Some softawe, extreemly complex, some very simple, start simple .

    Use ethe software to convert your image into G-Code. load it in mach 3.

    From a Dad to a Dad, there are somethings you need to learn before you start playing
    macheen limits, both switches and software ( stop your machine rcrashing into itself and causeing damage.
    Cutter speeds and Bit speeds ( the harder the material, the more important ).
    estops, both hard and soft ( absolutly a must ).

    if you point to the machine, someone will tell you what its capable of

    If your a tinkerer type dad, you can add a plastic printing head, or a chocolate printingg head if you like, If its got a fourth axis, you can make some quite complex stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GEOFFREY View Post
    Some say "good old Jazz" - others??? Well done Jazz. G.
    Oh there's lots call me really really really naughty words has well. . . . .But Face Botherd.

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    Any update on this ?

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