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    I am a total beginner and need some advice on cad and cam software .I am going to buy a 3040 cnc machine and if anyone could give me some advice on the software it would be much appreciated.What would be the simplest software for a beginner to learn to use.

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    First you need to identify the type of software for your purpose, i.e. is it 2D, 2.5D, 3D ?
    Once you identify that it will narrow things down, also have you read the threads on this site about software ?
    A lot of software allows trial downloads, I did this myself and found that my preference for CAM was Vectric Cut3D and Cut2D, it's mostly about personal preference so trying the software first is best.
    I think CAD is more difficult, if Sketchup + the free DXF,STL export addon will do your job then it's all free but if you need to buy software then the sky's the limit where cost comes in. From what I've seen Rhino is highly regarded and there's the still free Autodesk Fusion (links near bottom of page), Autodesk Labs Inventor Fusion
    I also think it's better to go for separate CAD / CAM software becasue when they are combined into one program you seldom get the right features together.
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    Thanks for the reply EddyCurrent ,I will look into the software you have mentioned ,i think the 2D would be enough for my needs. I did try freecad but it was a bit confusing for me.

  4. DraftSight is a good free 2D CAD package...
    CamBam free version is a good CAM option...

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    Thanks Irving I will give them ago.this is all new to me so it all looks a bit confusing.

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    It is confusing, there is so much choice, plus the free ones are hard to turn down, but just download the Vectric Cut2D demo for a start to see something that is easy to get quick results from.

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    Hi EddyCurrent
    Thanks again,I watch a few demos for cut 2d and I think I can get the hang of that ok,I think that it is the cad is the one I will have trouble with,I will watch a few videos on the cad software and see if I can understand it, Thanks

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    If you only want 2D there is nothing easier, or cheaper, than Sketchup. It's described as 3D software which it is but you can chose 2D views from the menu.
    you would also need this export to dxf or stl plugin for sketchup
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    Hi EddyCurrent
    I had play with the sketchup and found it pretty good and easy to use.Do you have a link for the cut3d software and is it a free software?
    Thanks for your help

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    Also have a look at Dolphin Partmaster. It's free.
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