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    Quote Originally Posted by EddyCurrent View Post
    I think it's looking quite good.
    Well should have gone to spec savers.!!. .

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    Does anyone have a Gcode I code use to make my first cut on this machine. I have tried to do my own design using Sketchup and then using Cambam but I seem to balls it up. (Still Learning)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregor View Post
    Does anyone have a Gcode I code use to make my first cut on this machine. I have tried to do my own design using Sketchup and then using Cambam but I seem to balls it up. (Still Learning)
    Ok here you go a cut down version of the Aztec calendar I knocked up to test a machine, takes about 45-50mins depending on how machines setup.

    You'll need 90deg V bit or Spot drill cutter that must go to a sharp point.
    100mm square of material. To get the best detail from it use some thing hard has the material so it holds the detail better.

    The X0 Y0 is the bottom left hand corner of the square. The code only cuts the Aztec engraving and doesn't cut out the square so you'll need to do this your self.

    Should look like the picture when finished.Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks JAZZCNC
    will give it a try later

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    Here is the video of first cut..I nearly smashed up the laptop, I couldn't get the G-code to work five hours later I remembered that I hadn't installed my G-code license ..... I had the spindle speed set to slow at the start but turned it up halfway through,,, must off the video is in Benny Hill style,,,It took about 1hour 30 minutes to run G-code.

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    And are you pleased with the results ?

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    Yes seems to be ok .if I had had the spindle at the right speed at the start I think it would have been better. I am happy with the machine and it will do everything I need it for and it cost under 500,I couldn't afford to spend thousands on a machine.But time will tell to see if it develops any faults...

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    They say the first cut is the deepist.!!. . . . But here it doesn't look like it's cut deep enough. .Lol

    Did you have the Z height set to top of material.? Also I see the tool is not 90deg it's more like 30deg and thats why it doesn't look quite like right with fat lines etc.

    The differance in speed is the accelleration in motor tuning on your machine will be set lower than what I had machine set on machine I was testing, which I think was around 1100s/s. Has you have seen this code has 1000's of tiny moves so the time to accellerate from one to other really adds up and for jobs like this the motor tuning biased towards Accel can really make big differance to cycle times.
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    I'd be having the spindle going much faster than 8000 rpm
    The best method for wood anyway is to start at a fairly high speed and keep reducing it until the cut is visibly
    worse, turn it back up slightly and you have reached the best speed with regard to quality of cut vs tool wear.
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    Thanks JAZZCNC
    its the only tool I had that went to a point lol.I have only set the machine up to what the manual said so I think it will need a few changes.I set the z axis by using a piece of paper is that the wrong way to do it? This is the first cnc I have used so I am just doing what I see on YouTube .

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