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  1. Now i just needed a motor mounting plate i could use to mount the motor mount to the machine, still with me ? lol:

    Ok so it looks ok from above:

    and from the side:

    Humm, not so good! ok ill have to remake the mdf plate then:

    looking good, "or-right at tha front", "or-right at tha bek":


  2. Ok, "al-right at top" ?

    Looking good!

    "al-right at side" ?

    MUUUCHH better!, the image is a bit "iffy" the leadscrew lines up allot better then the image shows.

    Ok so leadscrew is looking fairly strate also:


  3. I'v hooked this up to a driver and tested how it runs/jog's and everything is nice and smooth, now i need some delrin drive nuts for my other 2 axis's:

    So now i'v got my gantory table built and the delrin drive nuts mounted:

    again the image i a bit "iffy" everything is allot more square and strate then the pic is showing:

    So i'm going to need one of my drive nuts off center because of the fixing screw placments, i'v also now got an issue with the leadscrew hitting the heads for the delrin nut:

    On the other side my delrin nut is also sitting to low because of the channel i routed out in error:

    Ok that sides not a problem, i quick do-dar with a hand file across the what-u-ma-call-it soon sorted that problem out:


  4. Right onto the next bit:

    Ahh the counter-bore, my new best tool! lol

    Cheers Steve-m for telling me about these, ill soon be buying some more to compleate the set !

    on we go:

    for some reson i got it in my head that i would need two plates at each end but i dont so i'v done away with them now, next i needed to make a motor mount from ali again and make a new mdf plate for the ali mount to fix to.

    The mdf plate was fine i got that right the first time, however it was getting late and i rushed the ali plates and they dont line up good for the M5 rods and so on so its a bit of hang filling on them, i'm in abit of a rush to get the machine up and running now as its taken far to long due to other things getting in the way/ coming first so i'm not going to keep to the supa fine detail i have done in the past! The new objective is to just get this machine up and running and make parts, as and when ill come back and replace parts with new "cnc'ed" parts that are right the first time. May end up using this machine to build machine number 2 however!

    That brings me upto date so far on what i'v done to the machine, i'm hoping now to get this done for the weekend (26/09/08).

    I'v got a few other things on the go as well so you'll see them poping up on the forums here and there as well, hopfully ill have some more progress pics and maybe ever some Vid's of the 2 axis's jogging for the end of the week.

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  5. Cable tie.

    Quote Originally Posted by skittles View Post
    Nice build
    What is the white "thing" around the shaft in this picture?
    Looks like it could be a cable tie, but I'm sure I'm wrong.

  6. #26
    This has been a great build log and I found it very informative. Any further updates?

  7. Its a rockcliff machine, i will update soon !

  8. Yes i used 19mm MDF.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by crazy horse View Post
    19.05 = 3/4". I believe thats what the Rockcliff guys intended. I can only get 18mm. I wondered if the 1mm difference was going to be a problem?

    I have modelled it now.
    Considering the machine I will build is going to be very basic, can I just get screwed rod from the hardware store?
    Yea 18mm will be fine, yes threaded rod is what you need.

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    Hi Lee

    I have just joined the forum. I have purchased a set of Rockcliff plans and I am putting together my shopping list.

    I have a lathe and milling machine, so I can fabricate some stuff. I see from the forum that you have made some Delrin nuts to use with the drive rods. Looking at Google, Delrin seems to come only in round rod or flat sheets. Do you make your nuts from sheet and cut to size, or do you have a source for rectangular Delrin?

    I am also trying to sort out the guide rods for the various axis. Marchant Dice do a kit of parts, but the rods and bushes are metric, I can only find large diameter imperial router bits (from Axminster tools), did you use metric bushes and find a metric router bit for your Rockcliff?

    It is great having a UK forum, to be able to track down UK suppliers.

    Many thanks


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