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    Well folks.
    I have decided to Build a Stone profiling machine.
    After looking at hundreds of machines online and at stone fairs and shows decided they are Either too small for what I can afford. so expect to build a machine to the same size of commercial machine for the same price as a smaller machine.

    Reason to increase production.

    Began last weekend
    Buying the Steel..

    Machine Dimensions are:

    2700mm long 2440 x axis.
    1350mm wide 1220 Y axis.
    1500mm high. 450 Z Axis.

    Steel box section rectangular 120mm x 60mm x 5mm..

    Nema 34 1600oz pair on X to drive two R&P and on Y to drive a single ballscrew Undecided what size,, on Z probably 820oz simply to have the guts to drive a 3kw motor with a diamond profile finger into stone with Cuts at 10mm deep Max per pass, without dropping steps.
    commercial hexagonal rails and profiled rollers on x because of stone dust and water
    still looking for a supplier.

    THK rails for Y and Z

    mainly based on a 3 axis Stone saw But with a spindle cutter instead of a Disk.
    the Table is my design which will take 500kg without too much deflection.

    the maths works out at 0.45mm deflection at 3 metres unattached so should be able to achieve .04 at least after welding legs on.

    Cut the steel two days ago.
    Ground the ends and started welding today.
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    sounds like you have it all worked out! we expect plenty of pictures

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	first cut.jpg 
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ID:	11324Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0118.jpg 
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ID:	11325 Here are the first two Pictures Started welding last wednesday and Saturday, didn't realise how much welding there is in it, Ive still got corner holding plates, two middle braces, 4 more legs, Diagonal braces and of course the Runner supports for the rails. then Ill be ready to start making the Gantry. I was thinking Brake pressed or welded steel Made boxes and steel across the gantry itself to take. Rails which will be profile with carriage.

    Although the frame will easily support 1 ton of stone It will also be bolted to the Concrete floor where it will be placed.

    Input would always be welcome.

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    Looking good, subscribed...

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    Has anyone any experience with R&P integrated profile rails?.

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    Decided to go with servos instead of steppers

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    what was the deciding factor, ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by george uk View Post

    what was the deciding factor, ?
    decided to Go with Servos. steppers just don't have the Continuous torque for the length on the machine,thee is also the possibility of extending it. Most of the stone I shall be cutting will be over 1700mmlong x 500mm widex 100-300. now toying with a 4th axis to make columbs instead of building another machine.

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    thee is also the possibility of extending it

    If so, you may wish to consider the rotating ballnut design for driving your X

    now toying with a 4th axis to make columbs instead of building another machine.
    Have you played much with the software, because there are options for 2 sided machining, and it would be a lot easer to do columns with 2 sided machining than rotating it. 4th axis is well worth doing, but if you specificaly want colums, or anything of that weight, you would be better doing a vertical machine just for them.

    I would have a play with some of the software, meshcam ( free trial ) is a good bit of software to start with if you want to see what 2 sided machining can achieve, the learning curve of the software is reletivly easy as well

    MeshCAM - CNC Software - CAD/CAM Software

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    Definatly sticking with R&P can get it to .04 most of the software I have used is lettercutting on various machines Ive looked at vertical machines and they are simple to make.. 4 axis is a secondary thought but may still.
    so will take your advice and have a look at some software, I suspect I shall have the machine finished in about 4 months at the rate im going.

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