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    I have many interests from Astronomy to Woodwork and never seem to have enough time for any of them. I did four years of woodwork at school and then went to a local technical college where I took O level "Workshop technology and practice" (metalwork). I have done woodwork most of my life but when I retired six years ago I bought a Chester Conquest super minilathe and Sieg X1 minimill to start making swarf.

    The mill has been replaced with a Chester Lux and on Saturday, while traveling down to the Ally Pally model engineering show, I will be dropping in on Hugh at Amadeal to order a WM290-F, which Hugh is going to order in for me specialy. This is the same as the AMA290 VF but has a straight-forward belt drive instead of the variable speed.

    No CNC at all yet but I read, I gather information and ideas, and perhaps in the future finances will allow it to happen.

    Home is Kenilworth.


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    Welcome to the forum Stuart!

    Dont forget to post pics and an unboxing of the new lathe when it arives :).


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