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    I have a good 3 phase power supply. I have a project in mind that requires a part with 5 living hinges :) So that is my motovation to build a tool myself to produce this specific part I have in mind.

    My biggest stumbling block is I do not have a mill to make the mold, I think at a minimum I would need an old bridgeport interact converted to mach
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Hewitt View Post

    I keep trying to make a mould,

    There is a forum on if you dig, but it's all funny handshakes, secret jargon and closed shops. You won't get any of the basics from there, ask them how to size a gate and they will cold shoulder you.
    ive tried to make a couple of moulds and scrapped em will have another bash at some point so if the sections up i will post as i go

    i was on the forum you mentioned looking for advice and i couldnt have put it better,an unforgiving place for anyone trying to get into injection moulding,you be discouraged from pursueing the idea and advised to pay someone else to make the parts for you

    why im here ive got an unopened 25kg bag of delrin p 500 if anyones interested cost £130 hardie polymers id take £50.

    inventor tells me for the size of the parts i needed to mold, my little injector would not be capable of filling the mold with this stuff ,
    so i took its word for it.
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    Robin, I did wonder why we'd never heard anything more about your machine!
    Might be worth posting up over on the HSM forum, as I've seen some quite knowledgable replies to mould queries, without none of the bullshit that the forum seems to be full off.

    My only purchase so far is a copy of Arburg's practical guide to injection moulding, which I picked up cheap of ebay, so I'm keen to hear about other people's ventures into the injection moulding world.

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    Should we set up a new forum for small scale manufacturing/mold making? I have a hosting account and can set up a simple forum, but I don't want to do the moderating and new user sign ups by myself. Anyone wanna do this together?
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    Hi Gav,

    I'm on it as we speak, will post a link back soon as i'm done.


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    Ok guys its done, the new sub forum can be found under Materials > Mould Making & Design

    I've populated it with all the threads i could find related to plastic injection and mould making, if you find any that need moving please let me know.

    Enjoy :)


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    Nice idea. Today's technology helps you alot. You may find best other forums after search and get better solutions. Well done!

  9. I agree with m_c, it is a very big issue that injection moulding machine needs to run good three phase power supply. Otherwise it canít be work properly.

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    If you only have single phase you can play around with a small molder like a rabit or babyplast.

    Katie87 do you have experience with injection molding?
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    Hello to all,
    I think Nowadays, with great technology injection mould making process is very popular because it takes less time than other procedure..Injection moulding Design make with CAD technology which enables to manufacture the product with high standard..
    Work with different new technology machines...

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