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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    Ok guys its done, the new sub forum can be found under Materials > Mould Making & Design

    I've populated it with all the threads i could find related to plastic injection and mould making, if you find any that need moving please let me know.

    Enjoy :)

    Well, I did find the above link doesn't work, but the section appears to have ended up under Machines > Moulding Machines

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    Hi There just reading the posts on injection moulding and I have some old Austin Allen vertical or split line moulding machine . It has not been used for nearly twenty years but occasionally start the motor and operate the hydraulics to check it still works . I have the original manual and some tools.
    It has a 12 ton clamping force and is in good condition may need some heater bands . I also have a small single phase granulator and would be willing to sell both for 1500 euro I am in ireland

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    I know this is a old thread, but have you guy's looked at precious plastic? It's an open source project for plastic recycling, the guy that started is a Dutch guy and has produced a shredder, a extruder, a injection machine and a compression machine, you can download the plans for each machine and there is a YouTube build up, the website is https://preciousplastic.com/en/
    I don't know if this what your after.

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    Hi scooterist 007 thanks for that

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    No probs mate, I found it interesting when I found the site, problem is that is more machines I have to build!

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    Hi out there in cyberspace

    I used to have several moulding machines - small ones made by Austin-Allen and were single phase. OK for small parts. I sold the machines many years ago but now find that I need some moulding made using the tooling I made for the Austin-Allen machines.
    If there is anyone out there who has any Austin-Allen machines and would like to make a few bob doing some moulding, please get in touch. I can promise you will be glad you did.


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    We can help you Injection Mold any product - message if interested!

    We can also create the CAD files in-house with our team of engineers & product designers.

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    Hi, I know that D & E Plastics have two Austin-Allen machines, maybe it will help, or you could also contact anyone who sells one and ask if they are up to help, all the best!

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    Hello, I have just joined site, as I have just purchased an old Austin Allen Machine. I am now looking for a manual for this machine so I can get to understand it better in the hope of restoring and using it.

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