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    Hi there, I'm Si from the Midlands.

    I've been lurking here for a while, normally searching for tech advice on retrofits and such.
    My main hobby area is cars. Classics, yanks, hotrods, customs etc. currently having a 1932 Ford hotrod and a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS. The other aspect of my interest is CNC and machining. I'm definitely no engineer but i've always had a fixation on computer controlled stuff.

    To date, all i've really done (in this realm of things) is converted an old Boxford CUD to be CNC controlled. It's not necessarily pretty but it's functional :D

    I've recently picked up a Boxford 125 TCL and a Boxford 260 VMC so they're the new projects to upgrade to more modern electronics. They're also the reason why i've just registered as it's some more specific advice on those that i'm needing.

    Anyway, that's my intro, hopefully you won't mind me getting into the questions ?



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    Hi Si
    It's Tricky !
    have you checked out the "cnczone" too ?


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    How do Rich :D

    I've signed up on tons over the years but this is the first one I actually posted on. Mainly due so seeing previous conversions of the same machines that i've got now.

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    obviously the 'theory' is all the same :)

    The CNCzone is states side, and tend to take a different starting point to many UK ideas, so it's good to watch both, and then choose for yourself .

    Personally I like the USA ideas, but the UK contacts, local machine knowledge and parts supply links are good too :)

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with them :) ... something I've been thinking about playing with too !


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    Been registered on CNCZone for a while as well.

    Conversion is fine, The stickler I had with these machines was that the spindle drive board was burnt out. I doubt that many boxfords got shipped over to the states lol so needed to get the info from over here.

    Hopefully, looking to start turning some repeatable parts like tube inserts, dash knobs etc. No idea what i'll be making on the mill yet other than parts to fine tune the bigger boxford to make that one more precise.

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    Looks like you'll get sorted by JAZZ :) Result !!!

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