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    Anybody else have any info on these drive boards ?

    Could still do with some details of the burnt components or if anyone has one/knows where I can get hold of one.
    Cost for repairing this one shouldn't be much at all however i'll still need one for the other machine as well.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hiya, old thread, but are you still looking for this info?

    can i ask, how did you wire up your spindle controller? im currently wiring mine up after putting it off for 2 years! I need to know what voltage the signals need to be that switch the yaskawa connector block thing, been working out al;l of the pin outs but cannot confirm if it is a 24ish voltage (think its 18 or 28 i believe is wha it supplies of my head...

    how did you control your spindle speed?



    Quote Originally Posted by Roadrunna View Post
    Anybody else have any info on these drive boards ?

    Could still do with some details of the burnt components or if anyone has one/knows where I can get hold of one.
    Cost for repairing this one shouldn't be much at all however i'll still need one for the other machine as well.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hello Roadrunna,
    Just seen your post about the GEC spindle burnout. I've just had the same problem the first time I ran a newly acquired 125 Lathe. I hope you managed to fix it, and I would be grateful for any advice you could offer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roadrunna View Post
    Hi all,

    Apologies for diving straight in with the questions.
    I've just picked up a couple of Boxford CNC machines however both have faulty GEG Gemini spindle drive boards. One has been totally chopped out (as in hacksawed from the connectors) but judging by the scorch marks inside the casing it suffered the same fate as the other.

    The one from the 260VMC looks like it had the typical C2 failure and the resulting fire took out some of the components further up the board.

    The questions really would be, does anyone have one of these boards that would be able to help me out in identifying the burnt components so I can re-order and replace to fix the board ? Either a few decent hi-res photos of the burnt area or if you'd be able to provide me the details, either would be great. If someone could measure the values of the tuning pots that would be amazing.

    Failing that, does anyone know if there's any of these boards available or if they can still be bought (unlikely I know) ?
    I could do with another anyway as the board got cut out of the 125TCL.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Mike, i have one of these sat in my machine which im converting ATM, so could send you some pics. I have some on my flickr page here: will take some more and upload later on today.

    Im just trying out how to configure my spindle driver to work with my new spindle controller, and thinking i need to get a diagram, but no one has a wiring diagram, or no one has released it into the public, so i have been having to trace and reverse engineer it. unfortunatly i cannot find information on the contactor relay setup to find out what voltage it is fed with to switch. I need to find someone with the machine before its taken apart so i can trace the wires!

    Are you in the UK? and where are you located? im in Bristol.


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    hi, i've setup a few of these spindle drivers on mach3, but it's been a while since i've seen one. I used a diycnc sp4dc board to give the 0-10 isolated signal and run command. First off i would replace the old film caps with new ones as they will fail eventually, and it's pretty dramatic when they fail. I have some pics hiding on my comp somewhere of the layout, but there is a thread on this forum about wiring the gemini board to mach3

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    Hi i2i, Will do with the caps, prob tomorrow! im curious as to what other options there are instead of using these spindle drive units. I want to use the existing motor, but may look at other controllers (VFD) and see what they cost and if it is worth it...

    Am wiring up my spindle controller now so hopefully i will be able to reply after!

    i2i, i see your into retrofitting machines (as mentioned on another forum post) which machines do you retrofit? or is it whatever the customer asks? or do you do it to sell on?
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    Hello Nat, If you are referring to the direction change relays they are 240volt. I have a connection diagramme, showing the hard wiring, but no electronic info. You can get the diagramme from Yahoo groups/ Boxford users/files, or I can send you a copy if you let me have your email address.
    Have taken an "educated" guess at the components to repair my board, and receive replacements today, so should know in the next couple of days if it fixes the problem.
    I'm in Kidderminster.

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    Tank you Mike, I will try a look to see if I can find this document.
    this afternoon I took apart the yaskawa contactor and realised how it operates and is connected, so hopefully the diagram will confirm this. I believe it uses the relays on the Oxford relay card in the rack to switch the inputs to live on the opposing feed. I have therefore wired the live inputs for both sides through the relays on the spindle controller board, therefore if I am correct, the spindle poles will change over depending on the relay operations through mach3.

    i was hoping to get some nice pics of the board components today but I left my camera at home, and there were no spare cameras at work which was extremely surprising considering I work at aardman animations, where cameras are everywhere! Anyway, I will post some pics of the board tomorrow as will bring my camera in.
    if you could email me he diagram if you have a spare moment, although I'm going to try and find the group, that would be appreciated.

    my email is

    npoate @ hot mail dotty com


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