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    I have a CNC 3040 as small hobby machine.
    I am having trouble setting it up using Mach3 ..... as the results are not consistent I am thinking that the controller box supplied needs upgrading.

    Can anyone suggest or supply another controller box ?



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    Please explain more what trouble your having because you may well be spending money you don't need to.?

    Even with better drives and Breakout board PSU etc that make up the Control box then you'll still have same trouble if it's a setup error.!!

    If you just want to upgrade for the sake of it then No problem has these control boxes in general are quite low spec and quality so doing this can and will transform the machine if done correctly but again depending on what your wanting to do may not be needed.!

    Can help or advise either way but a little more info on what your wanting to do and use machine for will help.
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    Maybe try a UC100 They are available here

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    If your mind is set on replacing the box there's these, although I have no experience with them.
    CNC Systems
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    I've used the diycnc controller, and a few friends have also used it. They do "exactly what they say on the tin" and Roy is a great guy to deal with.

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