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    Hi Guys

    As i said in the introductions page here are a few of my projects done/machined for myself or other company's

    regards Tom

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    Hi Tom, thanks for sharing cant wait to see whats next from you, do you have a website or gallery we can also view ?


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    Hi lee

    Thanks for your interest I will be honest and say the main company is kitchen design and manufacturing. From this I have met people willing to give merge chance at more complex work. Hense above. As kitchens are steady the Cnc is stood 3 days a week. So I'm setting up a side line to get the Cnc running 5 days a week. I will dig out more photos when I'm back infront of laptop.

    Regards T

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    Staircase is amazing. Did you 3d profile the big yellow guy?
    CNC routing and prototyping services www.cncscotland.co.uk


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    Hi gav

    Yes the main body of the minion was done by robot Cnc.

    We made the moulds for the goggles and hands from a resin material that were then moulded

    The stairs took 450+ hours on auto cad drawing It needed it to work right on paper before the wood got involved.

    Again I will post a few videos up of the machining of the hand rail when I get infront of laptop.

    My Cnc is a prototype yet works like a 100k machine.

    Regards T

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    Is your machine 3,4 or 5 axis?
    CNC routing and prototyping services www.cncscotland.co.uk


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    It's 3 but we have a 4th motor we bolt on to enable the banister work again videos to follow

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    Ok Tom look forward to it.

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    Hi Tom, that staircase is awesome. G.

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    evening guys,

    sorry taken longer than i thought been out of office

    Sorry about the poor quality of the one

    regards T

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